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    The Jetprime was made to give you what you want: higher performance or a lower consumption all at the right price.
    The Jetprime is supplied with an easy to use software which can be easily used to set up the module.
    Fitting a power module has never been so easy (complete instructions are included in the kit)

  • The Jetprime is installed using the supplied cable harness using OE style connector plugs downstream of the stock ECU and before the throttle body. In this way the signals which are are sent from the stock ECU can be modified to suit your needs. The Jetprime allows you to the change the carburetion relationship regardless to the setup installed by the manufacturer by modifying the timing intervals in which the injectors remain open during the suction phase. As it is normal to find limitations and standardisations on all stock bikes which adjust the engine to get the best compromise, the Jetprime can will improve the performance taking into consideration factors such as the air pressure and temperature of your location to ensure your bike is fuelled to an optimum (to give you an example, riding at sea level has a different effect on the bike to when it is ridden at mountain level). A power module like the Jetprime is also crucial should you decide to add an aftermarket race exhaust or air filter to your bike as they require the best possible carburetion to guarantee an optimal performance and the Jetprime can help you achieve this. The programming of the Jetprime is done in a very easy and intuitive way by connecting the module via the USB port to a PC. In place of the standard numeric value tables which are found in most aftermarket power modules, the Jetprime uses a simple 2D carburetion chart. The Jetprime uses a plug and play system and is connected to the injectors, the IAT sensor and the 12V power connection from the ignition (this is is to avoid power absorption when the engine is turned off). The choice of using the IAT sensor is strategic as it allows to change the ignition timing so that you can avoid any risk of causing damage to the engine should the settings be incorrect. Once you have synchronized a reading of the engine's revs using the software, you will then be able to create your own personal carburetion mapping using the arrow cursor keys on your keyboard and then you are all good to go!

  • Product Application MONSTER 695 / S2R 800 07 / S4R 07-08 / S4RS
    GT 1000
    SS 1000
    HYM 1100 08-09