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  • It is finally time to say goodbye to jagged and unwanted stalling on the Ducati Multistrada 1200 and Ducati bikes fitted with a Siemens ECU.

  • Every passionate Ducati lover is all too aware that many of the current homologation rules and regulations create problems for Ducati bikes.

    The new Ducati Multistrada 1200 is a beautiful and fantastic bike but it is also plagued by 2 very annoying problems:

    - sudden stalling and cut off as you are approaching a junction.

    - a jagged and disturbing ride in the low rpm's which is particularly noticed whilst you are going along at a leisurely pace.

    The other motorcycles which are affected by this problem are the latest generation of the Ducati Monster and Hypermotard which all fitted with Siemens electronics (1100, 796 and 696).

    After hours of testing in both laboratory and normal everyday road conditions, Jetprime is finally able to solve these problems: the solution is called the O²xymett!

    There are 2 types of emulator available:

    - the first is dedicated to the Multistrada and the Diavel and is a replacement for the lambda probes by eliminating and imitating their functions.

    - the second type is dedicated to all the stock Siemens electronic systems and continues to use the original lambda probes but modifies the output data to make it more effective.

    The O²xymett brings to a halt the actual work of the lambda probes avoiding an excessive thinning of the carburetion (this also applies when a race power module is fitted).

    Without the O²xymett your race or aftermarket power module (also with Ducati Performance) will only take effect after 3400 rpm as below this range it's function is reduced by the lambda sensors. We recommends using the O²xymett with our Memjet Evo power module or even better still with our Jetprime programmable module as all of our products have been tested in-house to be compatibile with each other.

  • Product Application HYP 821 2015